game over :cry:

well this is it, had some brown discharge which i always get when af is just round ther corner and have cramps. which means i will not be ttc until septmeber now which will make it a year since we began trying :\( oh wel....


  • sorry to hear that, its total pants isnt it? who would have thought ttc would be sooo hard. Why do you have to wait now til sep? (new on here sorry) x x i am going in to month 22 so i know how you feel
  • gota have bloods done duing cycles to see if there is a reason for my mc's, they told me i cant ttc during this time xx
  • So sorry to hear that hun, hope you and oh are taking good care of each other. Am sure Sept will be here before we know it.

  • to be honest i dont no weather to ttc again after all this difficult year i have had.

    my mates baby is due next week, i was so hoping i got my bfp this month as it would have made it so much easier for me, i dont mean to sound selfish but im sure you ladies can appriciate what i mean,

    period pains are getting stonger now so i just have to accept that its all over and myabe it just is not meant to be for me to be a mummy.

    also i would just ike to add that be careful with FRER tests ladies, i just did one a while a go today as a had it left from a pack of two just to get it out the house and there is defo a very very faint line there, so faint that i am not sure if it is pink or white but at the same time i dont need to hold it in bright light to see it.

    i guess what i am saying as is must be an evap line because i have my af cramps so i no she is on her way and i also had a small amount of brown discharge. just thought i would let you ladies no as i have never heard of FRER giving evap line before :\?

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  • Hi hun,

    Of course you're meant to be a mommy, or else you wouldn't want it so bad! Some people have it easy and some people really have to work for it, it's unfair but i really think that those who have it easy and fall pg on one night stands wouldn't have it in them to go through what you've been through hun! You're a strong lady!

    Please don't give up. Have a break and look after yourself a little bit. Then when the tests give you some answers, come back and try again!

    You'll be a great mommy and when it happens you'll look back on all this and it will be totally worth it!

  • Oh I'm so sorry to hear that Sally. I totally understand as AF hit me really hard this month too.

    You are so definitely meant to be a mommy, we all are!! Maybe you can see the little break as time to rest and relax and not worry about the ttc thing, I know its so hard, it's all I think about. And by having the tests you're helping yourself by finding out any problems so that you can have a baby in the future, I hope you can see the positive in it soon.

    I know how you feel about your friends baby. I have some friends with babies that I haven't seen since before my mmc and have avoided, I feel like I don't want to see them til I am preg again cos think I just won't be able to cope with it, how I'm feeling right now.

    Sorry i've talked about myself a bit, I just wanted to say that you're not alone, many of us feel like this, so you can always come talk to us when you need a bit of help, support or fun!!

    Sept is only 2 months away, that is the blink of an eye in the grand scale of your life!! (does that make sense, I know what I want to say!!)

    Hope you're ok, take care xx

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