Anybody else 4DPO?


I am 4DPO and i have got a pain in my side like ovulation but stabbing and coming and going, i have no idea what is causing this image I am not really expirencing any more symptoms other than tiredness but it has been a long week. I have am also been feeling sick but i have been for a whle.

Anyway if anyone is 4-5DPO or on the 2ww let me no image

lots of babydust

Emsie xxx


  • Im on 2WW, almost 1WW, im not sure what it could be. I got that a couple of times, but thats no good! i hope it isnt anything and there is a little bean in the making!!

    Sometimes i think with some of these things that its only now we notice it, and we've maybe had all these things before.

    x x x
  • yea i no what you mean, i really hope that it is a little bean in the making. i am very nearly on the 1ww as well!

    lots of sticky baby dust xxx
  • woohoo, i want to test on day that AF is due but hubby is saying no as it may be a chem preg and then id be sad. But i kind of hope i may just know if its a couple of days past AF would be due (Valentines Day)

    lots of sticky baby dust to you too!!!

    x x x
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