11 + cups of coffee a day!

I have just worked out that I am drinking in the region of 11+ cups of coffee a day!
I need to add around 4 - 5 are caffeine and the rest are de-caff + a few o them small cups of water in between each coffee
I reckon I go to the loo 1 - 2 times per hour!

Is this normal anyone else like this?

Im going to need to cut right back now ttc any suggestions from anyone else ttc?


  • o poo! dam BE! i just wrote a really long answer and my pc ate it!

    anyways hiya, WOW thats alot of coffee! i was having 4-5 cups a day but then wen we strted ttc, i cut down to none, sometimes 1 if i want to treat myself (with a sneaky choccy digestive) yum! i would say just try cut it out as much as you can, at work i just have water now, or juice. not really much else i can suggest, not much help sorry. good luck ttc! xxxxxxx
  • It is likely to be best to cut back but I would recommend doing it gradually. You can get really bad withdrawal effects if you try to just stop (especially if you usually drink a lot of coffee) so take your time and reduce your caffeine intake over at least a few days! Maybe each day swap a caff for a decaff? Good luck!
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  • Bloody hell. That's a lot of coffee! I used to drink that amount during my uni finals - I don't think I'd sleep if I drank that now. Deffo recommend NOT going cold turkey. I did and it was horrendous. Headaches, bad temper etc
    I have one coffee a day, first thing from our lovely coffee machine. It's my treat, freshly ground and brewed. It's probably two shots of proper coffee with lots of milk. Then I have green or roibos tea at work. I am currently addicted to Green tea with Jasmine. You could try that - replace coffee with some interesting teas. Don't have Green tea with lemon though - tastes like toilet cleaner IMHO.
    Poz x
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