Strange AF...??

Some of you will probably know that I started spotting on Tuesday evening. It was very scant and only there when I wiped. Wednesday was quite painful and heavy - tho not as heavy as it normally would be. Thursday and Friday day it was barely there and last night and this morning there's nothing but a brown tint on the tp. Normally I have very painful periods that last between 5 and 7 days and I pass large clots (sorry, tmi). I haven't this month at all. Do you think I might have had an anovulatory period? I'm not sure as I am pretty certain that I OV'd around the 8th. I'm just so confused with what's going on... Any ideas??x


  • An ovulatory period, do you mean bleeding during ov? Or do you mean a proper af after ov?

    I have had 2 af's since stopping the pill, the withdrawal bleed was 9 days, 1st af 8 days, 2nd 6 days. Af's have been known to stop and start. But also have been confused with implantation bleeds. How many dpo are you 20?? Have you tested?? xx
  • I'm 19/20 dpo. Tested yesterday and was a BFN. I'm just confused because I have never had a light period, and I have never spotted before a period either. This is my third AF since having my daughter and the last two were like regular periods so I don't understand why this one is so short and light. Surely if I was pregnant then I would get a BFP by now, as nearly 3 weeks since OV. Not really sure what to think. image
  • Af's can be different for no reason. If you have had red blood you can start counting form CD 1 I guess?

    If it was an af, then you need to bd, and keep an eye out for ov signs. xx
  • sound all very similar to me. Had the light brown spotting last wed & thur and then nothing. Then on monday bang on day 23 it got heavier but by wednesday all gone again?? So i am just counting mon as cd1 as it was red blood and slightly heavier. Am gunna start with the ov tests today as with only a 22 cycle think am due to ov on day 8 - 11. I just got the cheap ones off e bay, thought it might help to see whats going on. Maybe you could do the same!
    Try not to worry as everyone says we are all different and who knows wot normal is!! xx
  • Yeah, thanks. I will just count it as a normal-ish period. So that's CD4 for me then!
  • well i think this is whats happening to me, i've not had a proper af since coming off the pill, all have been very light
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