depressed , frustrated and confused!

hi guys,
this morning i woke up and i have brown mucus ... i hope its not my [email protected]#$ing periods ... they are due on sunday i took a hpt yesterday and got a BFN.. i ovulated on the 9th of jan .. i just dont know what to do any more its really depressing me that all my friends are falling pregnant but me i feel like im missing out !! so depressed right now .. i would love to think this brown mucus is spotting but i am in such denial !!! ( not happy !


  • Hey Babydust
    Know exactly what you are feeling. The brown mucus could be implantation bleed coming out with extra CM a bit late. Until AF really comes you always have the chance, so you need to keep some PMA. But I agree it's so downheartening to get the brown mucus as it's usually AF's big sign shes on her way.

    It is really hard when everyone else around you is seemingly having no problem. And I could punch people who say "Don't you want kids too" or "It'll be you next" Don't they realise how incredibly hurtful those types of comments can be?

    Oops - sorry I'm ranting on your rant! Anyway - we are all in your boat here - and it's somewhere you can let it all out.
    (((((Big hugs)))) for you.
  • aw big hugs to you...(i cant say much else as id rant - but you can have a rant whenever you want, as we're all the same!!)

    x x x
  • I think it is best for you to beleive you are not pregnant at any cost until you know you are if that makes sence! I understand it is hard but you will drive yourself mad.
    I have been trying for 2 years, I have spent fortunes on tests and spotted symptoms until i am convinced and looking at prams! ..
    I have a 27 day cycle and have made a promise to myself that I will not test or even think I am PG until my fertility machine is on day 30.
    AF just got me yesterday after 29 days, 2 days late I was gutted but i would rather that than a BFN.

    One of the girls I sit near at work is PG after an accident and so are two of my friends .... I also get jealous when I see a post on here if it is their first month and they get PG! but I have to deal with that myself ... We all feel that same on here so rant away!!
    Helen , hope yours comes soon it only seems to come when you dont want it!

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