OMG - Think I have just got a faint line on FRER!!! :o

Hi ladies,

Now please dont get too excited for me just yet as been early testing (slaps wrists) af due 30th but bought FRER today as says can detect up to 6 days early and as I am 9dpo thought what the hell one more poas.

At first I didnt think I could see anything but then I compared it to my pos OPK stick which I didnt throw away and need to :lol: and there is the faintest of faint lines you have to squint to believe it!!!

So I have one FRER test and one CBD should I now wait but with my symptoms I truly do believe we might just have done it and am so super chuffed.

I dont want it to turn into a chemical pregnancy tho :evil:

So thought you would all like a little update but please no CONGRATS yet as I want two strong lines and a Pregnant to believe it with my own two eyes :lol:

Also good lucky to anyone else who is testing, the wait was killing me image

SD xx


  • OMG- are you doing a test tomorrow morning?

    i am so excited for you - i saw this post and would love to hug you!! i hope everything is ok for you, is your hubby away at the mo?

  • aww huni i really hope its your bfp maybe wait a day or 2 ( i know how hard it is) and test with fmu maybe thursday or friday. sending lots of sticky babydust.xxxxxxxxxx
  • Thanks ladies, yes hubby away as hes self employed but did have work locally but hes had to go away for those of you that live near Chester (Cheshire Oaks) is getting a Primark!! Thats what hubby is working on he puts in ceilings and walls so its 15 weeks solid work at really good pay too but hes only back evey other weekend!!

    Hes home on friday and my af is due sat am so am hoping that the lines will darken and then we can do the CBD together or I was going to do the CBD and hand it to him and get the babygro with I love daddy on out of Next.

    I will have to wait and see tho, omg am so excited, I mean it is so faint tho but am only 9dpo would this be right it wouldnt be a super strong line??

    Also Angel100 i dont really drink that much hun maybe 2 cups of tea a day am working on it tho as dont wanna be dehydrated but am worried if i dont have a drink tonight how will I have any pee left to test tomorrow or should I wait till 11dpo

    Thanks Homefairy I would love a hug too after my hubby free 10 days feels like weve been apart a lifetime.

    This is the icing on top of the cake but early days so I have to stay grounded until I see those words.............will keep you posted xx
  • ok, sending you lots of super sticky baby dust. Just keep hydrated and TRY to get some sleep.

  • Oooo it's exciting! Hope you see two very pink lines next time you poas.
  • OMG!!! how exciting!! very excited for you hun cant wait for your next test xx
  • OMG!!! how exciting!! very excited for you hun cant wait for your next test xx
  • Lol you posted twice thats how excited you are he he, I wont believe it tho until I get two lines I can see without squinting.

    I did get a line on an SD test over the weekend but am not sure if it was within the 10 mins as I thought you could only count 3 mins and so I just put it to one side and later on it had a pink line down the middle.

    I wanted to do a FR as last month I got an evap line I think but that was pink but that had develope on a test over a strange so am only going to believe in FRER and CBD tests from now on!!!

  • Hope the line gets stronger for you SD! XXX
  • oooh SD it is looking good hun. Lots of super strength baby dust for when you test again sweetheart xx
  • hi hunny, i went to bed early last night and missed all this!!!! eek, im so excited for you. are you testing again this morning???? please be a +, sending a huge hug and kiss for you x
  • Hoping for your BFP hun xxxxx
  • Good luck SD, let us know how you get on!! The hormone doubles every 48 hours so if you can wait another day it would be worth it to see the darker line xx
  • Hi SD, have you tested again??? I'm going to test tomorrow with SD test (eek!!) and then if it's good news I'll test on Friday with CBD and surprise hubby with it when he gets home from work...that would be a dream come true!!! And then we could be bump buddies!!!!! Good luck!! xx
  • good luck hun - i got the faintest line in the world at 10dpo on FR - i took the test apart, held it to the light and got my mum round for a second opinion lol. Its a scary time but so exciting too. I hope the lines get stronger for you xx
  • Good luck SD, hope those lines keep getting darker! x
  • Ooh SD thats do exciting!! Keep us updated!
  • soooo exciting - think if you can hold off testing again for a few days that faint line will defo become more visible!

    I have to say, the best test I ever used was a 'predictor' test, showed really good strong lines and I got a faint but visible line on a few months ago at 11dpo!

    EEk, good luck

  • good luck!! I hope it keeps getting stronger!!! xx
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