TTC after CS

i wondered if anybody was trying for baby #2or more after having a section? How long have you waited? Im dying to start TTC but my DS is only 7months old so know for health reasons to wait a bit longer to give the scar time to heal, but i wanted to start trying when LO turns one, am i being a bit ambitious?



  • hi lea

    i'm about to start ttc lo2, ds was born in march by em c section, so by the time we actually start ttc it will be 10.5/11months. i was advised by my mws, doctors, gp and gaeny to wait atleast one yr, but i know alot of women on this site have been told there is no need to wait at all, or at the other end have been told they need to wait 3yrs! i'm sort of going for the 1yr (which i think is pretty common), but altho it will actually only be 11months, i figured its highly unlikely to happen the first month, and if we're luck enough that it does, 31 days can't make all that much difference, i hope. i will however be going to see my gp in the next week or two to get my scar checked over and make sure it has healed nicely. hth xx
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