anyone there??

Anyone there and wanting to chat??


  • yes hello i'm here!! i'm a newbie though so sorry i dont know anything about you!!
  • Not alot to know but in the same boat as you! Been ttc for 7mths now living in hope tho u? annettex
  • same as that except 6 months!! good forum loads of info though finding it hard to figure out these bloody abbreviations!
  • Hi im up too im on month 1 of ttc number 2 due to test on mon no symptoms though
  • Lol. I was the same ! i watch more than post to be honest. Get lots of tips and advice from the more experienced. Think immense has bumped up the abbreviations tho. I still dont know them all. U got any kids?
  • Hi lin & lexi.
    Im due to test on wed all i have is slightly sore bbs. But get that when af is due. Still convince myself every mth its different tho!!
  • ah, best of luck lin & lexie with your test on monday will check in to see how you went. I have spent sooooooo much money on tests i never wait until my due date though so that doesnt help! better go to bed or i'll never get up in the morning!

    Mrs. alston no kids, was thinking today it always seems like
    couples ttc & having probs first suspect the woman to be the one with something wrong, but like i'm quite regular 28/31 day cycle so i'm wondering whether it's his little guys or lack of them image

    night guys x
  • with my lo it took 3yrs to concieve and by then we had almost given up we bought a home fertility test and was waiting for day 1 but af never came just thought my cycle was messed up eventually tested 5 wks later and it was positive she is 9 months this month! there is hope for us allimage
  • goodness that must have been awful waiting so long how did you not crack up? do you know why it took so long, sorry dont mean to pry dont elaborate if you dont want to.
  • See it just shows you.Im ttc no. 2 but my first isnt with him. my first is 9 yrs old. I also done a fertility kit as im 36 and thought my age would be against me and glad to say all was fine. My dh has a 7 yr old so i hope alls well with him too but it just aint happening! Whats keeping u two up at this time of morn?? My dh is niteshift and ive been out with girls for a meal and a few drinks. I hate coming home to an empty house!!
  • no idea we just wanted to see if things happened but didnt and finally got round to doing something about it and suddenly i was pregnant wasnt sure if it was due to his age im 25 now and he is 41 now but something worked in the end
  • im up because i can never sleep before 3am bit of an insomniac i think i am a bit better than i was some nights it would be 5am before i could sleep
  • I've been up doing some photo stuff for a mate that i was supposed to do ages ago & she got cross today so thought i'd better get it done for her :roll: hope you enjoyed your meal love eating out dont do it often enough though! I'd hate that, hubby on night shift i'd be really scared live in the country & hear any little noise outside i'm a townie really sleep far better with traffic, trains & sirens!

    41 isnt old though L&L & they reckon blokes are forever fertile!! fingers X it happens this month for ya.

    god really gotta go to bed now, really gone this time!

    nighty night. xx
  • night hope this month is the month for you tooimage
  • God that must be a nightmare .Especially as u have a lo!
    Gorgeous photo by the way. sooo cute. I hate this ttc sometimes i try not to symptom spot but every niggle im like ooh maybe!! aaghh!!
  • Yeah nite bonney baby dust to u and u lexi & lin. Hope its our month. x
  • Lexie is a good sleeper thankfully and doesnt get up till 8:30am so im lucky reallyimage thanks we think shes cute tooimage i hate ttc esp after how long it took last time i hope it happens quicker this time thats why we are trying so soon as we dont want a big age gap. i have been looking for symptoms but have none yet so not sure if we've done it the only symptom i had last time was the tiredness i was falling asleep at 8:30pm every night but had just had the flu so thought i was getting over that oh and one noght i just had to have yorkshire puddings lol i hope its your monthimage
  • Well go to bed now and you will get six hours sleep! My boy is away staying with his gran & pappa 180 miles away from me til next week. I hate it when hes away the house is so quiet
  • right i suppose i'd better go and try to get some sleep babydust to you bonney and mrsalston this will be our monthimage
    take care
  • Night night lin & lexi. Let me know how u get on this wed. Wish u lots of luck! x
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