Anyone with hypothyroidism?

Hi ladies,

Just wondering if anyone else is TTC with hypothyroidism? I believe it can make things harder and make MC more likely. Does anyone have any experience of this? Good or bad welcome?



  • G/c saw this on the front page. I have had hypothyroidism since Sep 2008 (well that was when it was diagnosed !!) and got pregnant straight away first time no contraception in December 2008 !!
    For some it is harder and i was very concerned but I was fine and got pregnant a lot sooner than expected. How are yr bloods ?
  • It's good to hear your story. My bloods are stable for the time being but they do swing without reason sometimes.

    I have been diagnosed for about 8 years now although they think I had it for 3 years before this.

    Only on TTC month 4 so early days yet, I'm just impatient!
  • If you do have probs then go see yr DR as you'd probably be referred quickly to a specialist as hypothyroidism can cause fertility problems. But if yr bloods are ok then there s no reason you should'nt concieve ok.
    I think hormones play a part in swinging bloods as mine go up and down.
    I was still a bit hypo and not quite stable when I concieved but if you can't be stable apparantly its better to be hypo than hyper if you get what I mean.
    Best of luck and hope it happens for you soon xx
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