I have no idea what dpo I am on!!!

The title says it all really, after deciding to take it easy this month and ditching the CBFM I started to panic and bought some cheap OPK's just to check I was OV. Anyway after alot of confusion with OPK's it didnt look like I had OV by CD17 so I bought another pack of OPK's and think (still really not sure though) that I OV yesterday (CD18) however Im really not sure if I did or not now so have no idea where I am in my cycle or if Im even in with a chance this month. Just going to carry out BD'ing and hope for the best. Think the CBFM will be coming back out of the draw next month!!!!!:\?:\?:\?


  • im so confused aswell hun! i dont understand all this stuff! when i got pregnant with my daughter i just thought that u had sex and then u got pregnant! lol !i didnt no about teh whole ovulation thing lol! so thats what im doing! im baby dancing as much as possible and hoping for the best! i would just chill out and enjoy!image
  • Thanks Sarah,
    thats what Im trying to do now as fed up to trying to second guess what my body is doing!!!
  • Thank God im not the only one. Ive used cb smiley opks since Dec and ive used them in the afternoon but someone said to use them with fmu... so i did and no smiley on my usual cd13 so i carried on, tested in the am and the pm cd 14 and no smiley in the am and a fault with the pm so i have no idea what day im on or even if ive ov'd!!
    ive ov'd every month since coming off the pill the end of aug, is it possible ive suddenly stopped or do you think i may have missed it? work has been majorly stressful so im hoping it was just late and i missed my smiley.
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