How long before I should test?

I was due on last thursday (24th) but as of yet there is no sign of AF? I only came of the pill last month so I would think the chances of me being pregant are very slim but still do you think I should test?

Any advise guys?



  • If your af is already late then you can test now, the chances might be slim but its still possible!! TEST,TEST NOW!! please lol. xx
  • ok i'll pick on up on the way home... fingers crossed cos i'm having a bad today.. bumped my car on the way to work so hope its good news.. lol
  • Ohhh i hope you get a bfp it will certainly improve your day!! Hope the bump on your car wasnt too bad. good luck and dont forget to let us all know. Keeping everything crossed for you. x
  • Thanks... car was ok I mis read the guy in front pulling away from an island and ran straight into him luckily he was nice and didn't look like there was much damage.... This will be by first test ever so which test do you think I should get? What are the supermarket brands like and when is the best time to test?
  • I know a lot of people on here have different opinions but ive had 5 children and have either used clearblue or 1st response, the supermarket ones are good too. Tescos and asda do a 2pk for about ??5, so not too expensive. good luck and drive safe! lol. xx
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