Does the new iPhone Ad Make You Cry!?

Is it just me and the fact that my PMA is NIL at CD30 & 10 DPO or does the iPhone 4 advert make you cry when the woman is getting her scan and her soldier husband is watching on a video call and you just see his teary eyes?!

It makes me well up every time and wish soooo much that I could do that for my wonderful husband! Why is this so hard?! image image image

Sorry, I just had to get it out somehow, just feel so blue right now- especially with DH on night shift all week- and this is only night # 1!!



  • Aww bubba sorry your feeling down hun, but I do agree it gives me a lump in my throat.

    How long you been ttc - this is month 3 for me xxxxx

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  • Thanks BroodyKate.I'm glad it's not just me being an emotional reprobate! I wonder if it's a mix of PMS and having too much time to think since I'm alone for the week,lol!

    We've been trying for 8 months now - almost 9. Although I guess we've only been super serious for about 4 months. It gets so frustrating - especially when those around you fall pg accidentally!

    Are you using anything to help ttc e.g. Preseed/Zestica/CBFM etc?

  • Aw bless ya, i know what you mean tho my sisters friend had a baby in Dec and is pregnant again! totally unplanned! not used anything yet - apart from this month im using OV sticks have looked into preseed and CBFM but may keep away from them for a couple of months, simply because everything is so exspensive lol how about you xxx
  • Oh yes it makes me well up. Is that the one where the baby smiles at the screen! It's fab!

  • Ooh I know. Who knew trying for a baby was so expensive?!I only just purchased the CBFM this month so will start using it after AF and have been using Zestica - which is pretty good!I like the Ov sticks,but I think my cycles are still a bit crazy even though I came off the pill 8 months ago so I'm not sure if they're being accurate or not!Lol - it's all a big crazy!

    Hope you get your BFP really soon chick. Sending lots of baby dust fairies your way!Thanks for listening to my moan! xxx
  • Sure is Lady2188!!Wow,I thought I was just being over-sensitive as usual,lol! image xxx
  • I sooo know what you mean, def made me teary bubba. When you testing this month? I've bought the CBFM for next month too
  • Lol,I have the 3Gs but I'd quite like to upgrade to the Iphone4 Kerri-Anne. I bet you probably could record your scan on it although I'm not sure the hospital would let us,hehe!

    Ooh Wispa you can be my CBFM buddy for next month!When are you testing? AF is due Sat/Sun but I stupidly tested last night and got a BFN. image I've had no symptoms this month despite following SMEP,so I'm feeling quite down. At least one good thing is I'll get to join you on the first month using CBFM!

  • That advert makes me well up- glad im not the only one! OH also laughs at me cos i well up at the soltan advert with the baby that grows up! ha thats a little embarrassing. lol xx
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