Probs ttc

Not in the mood for BD :lol: me that is just cant image I keep thinking if we BD like mad again and AF still shows then back to ttc on month 16 image and at least if we dont BD i will know from the off we havent ''done it'' image

I am feeling a bit all over the place :lol: feel's abit like af is due already today ive been crying, stressing & have a headache :cry: ;\) and its not even 9am :lol:

I am going to clear up then chill for a bit and think ttc i have been trying not to think about it and that's not helping at all :\( I have to decide if ttc is more stressful than not ttc :\?

Sorry ladys i am on a downer (((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))
Gems xxx :\( xxx


  • Awww gems I really feel for you pet.

    This is only our first 'proper' month of ttc and I know how obsessed I am with ss so can't imagine how you've kept yourself sane!

    Just to keep you positive pet, my cousin and his wife were ttc for about 2 years and then just when they'd received an appointment to go and see a consultant for tests they got a BFP!!

    They're now proud parents to the most beautiful little baby boy!

    I've got everything crossed that you're next to 'go red' on the jellybeans list!

  • Hey Gems,

    Just wanted you to know that I feel for you too...I'm sending you lots of positive thoughts!!! We're only on our first month of trying as well, but having been broody for absolutely ages I am so desperate for us to get pregnant, so I imagine it gets harder as the months go by. This month seems to have had a crazy success rate for BFP's though, so I'm keeping everything crossed for you that you will get yours soon too, just in time for Christmas : )

    Sending you loads of luck and baby dust.x.
  • Hey Gems

    I'm with you this month. feel exactly the same. Last month we really thought we'd done it especially when AF was late but she eventually showed. think she must've stole my PMA while she was at it. Think we're out for this month, as much as I OV'd yesterday (I think) can't be bothered BDing. Or more to the point OH can't be bothered (you know how men never get the time slot thing) And I can't be bothered pushing for it. x
  • aww hun

    I can imagine how you must feel, this is only my first month ttc and it's impossible to stay grounded, I'm already looking at prams etc

    Stay positive hun, fingers crossed for you xx
  • Ah gembags, I know how you feel hun. I am CD1 today of cycle 17 and I never in a million years imagined TTC would be so stressful or that it would be so upsetting when AF arrives. I have also thought well if we just don't BD then I will know that there is no chance that I can SS or hope for a BFP thats never gonna come but I don't think I'm going to be the next virgin Mary so will have a good old moan today and pick myself up sometime over the next few days ready for OV :lol:

    Where abouts in your cycle are you? xx
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