Why can't i get pregnant 2nd time around? :(

Have been trying for baby #2 (I have one son from previous r'ship) since Oct 09 but proper 2 months ago, have used OPK's, had pos on CD14 in March and CD17 last month, we even bd'd on right days but nothing happened! AF arrived today image We are getting worried now that i still havent gotten pregnant yet. We are only 29 n 30. We are healthy couple. We don't smoke. Drink only occassionally. Gonna have tests on 13th May. :cry:

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  • Hi hun we are ttc #2 too,although this is only our 2nd month.

    Its is really early days for you hun you havent been trying that long,as they say even healthy young couple like yourself take up to 6months to conceive but up to a year is still normal.

    Is it worth trying bding every other day though out your cycle instead over just when your think your ovulating? Some women swear by it,its what im trying.

    Also i dont know if you have considered it but the clear blue fertility mointers are meant to be really good too,and are much more realible that opk. You can get them cheaper on ebay too. Ladies on here have got there BFPs in the first month using them!

    Most importantly try and relax and just enjoy trying,stressing about it is not going to help(hard i know)

    Good luck hope your (and mine) BFP soon
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