if i had imp bleeding 8 days ago...

if the bleedin gi had 8 days ago was in fact implantation...when can i test??

i am due af on monday as i have pretty regular cycle of 35 days...

so if i test on monday or a day or two after i am only testing 10 days after implant bleeding, is that ok or is that too early??

i am so worried that whati thought was implant was just a small period....but what iother reason is there for what can only be descibed as spotting 10 days before period due??


  • hey honey

    with my first pegnany i had an implantation bleed and i tested 2 days after it had happened and got an instant BFP on an asda own

    ive just been reading about implantation bleeds as i have weird pink discharge.
    it says it should only last 2 days and be very, very light and nothing like your normal period.
    implantation occurs between 6-8 days after ovulation so was this when yours was?

    do a test honey, if you are pregnant there should be enough HCG to make a BFP!

    good luck xxx
  • Ohhh Good luck hun! I think i might be having implantation. I'm 6dpo and have a browny coloured discharge (sorry tmi). What was yours like?

    I would defo test now!
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