Bloody MIL...... :evil:

My MIL, lovely as she is can really wind me up sometimes!!!!!!

She went on a cruise for a couple of weeks so we had some respite from her weekly trip to molly coddle Ollie, but she came up last Sat, she was a big help, but again spoiled Ollie.

A bit of background: I've caught her saying to Ollie '"you love your two mummies dont you...'" Hmm, thought it was only me that gave birth to him but hey ho.... she wants to imagine he's hers let her, we all know he isnt and she looks stupid. (am secretly fuming about it, and my dad is going to have a word with her about when he sees her next)

And she also knows were ttc, and about the mc back in March. I didnt speak to anyone for 3 days then as all I could do was cry, but she insisted on coming up at the weekend - so me and hubby ended up going out coz i just didnt want to be around anyone except hubby.

So she was up at weekend and she keeps buying these stupid bloody wooden toys that ollie doesnt play with but chews and they splinter....

then she rang up last night to talk to hubby, and asked "have you two got any news for me yet?" when hubby replied no coz we arent trying this month she said "well it will happen when the time is right"

What really gets me is she says this everytime! Wether i've said anything about it or not - she usually leaves it as a parting shot.. making me mad when she's gone and hubby has to bear it.... ARGH!!!!!!

No offence to anyone on here, but I am SOOOOOOO fed up of that saying. No it bloody well wont happen when the time is right, it just isnt bloody well happening!

so when we start trying again next month how many times do you think she'll ask? Should we take bets? :lol:

anyone else fed up of silly comments...?



  • Oh Stephe, I think I would shake her if she kept saying that 'two mummies' thing to my lo! You must feel like screaming at her! Its not on, and I hope the message gets thru. Im lucky in that I get on ok with my MILTB, dont really see her much and when I do she just keeps out of my business.

    I dont really get any stupid annoying comments 'cos no-one outside of here knows about the mc or that we are ttc. I have not told anyone specifically because I have no patience with people interfering and saying the wrong thing! :x

    I can underestand you getting frustrated with the ttc comments. It must be just adding to your stress.

    Maybe tell her you have decided you are not going to try until spring of next year as you and hubby need a break? then at least those insensitive comments might stop!

    Dont let her get to you hun, its not good for baby-making! xxx

  • i ususally do get on with her quite well, she SOOOOOOOOOO nice (get it? :lol: ) she gets upset easily... :roll:

    it's better if she only comes up every other week or so, but when its every week it starts grating on my nerves... I'm so glad i have to work to escape to sometimes! :lol:

  • I take it she lives nearby then? Mine is just down the road, but I still rarely see her! :lol: She never goes anywhere, and even tho i get on ok with her I just dont see much of her!

  • nearby? Erm... about an hours drive away........ :lol:
    Wanna Swap? image
  • OMG!!!! :lol:

    errrrm, I'll pass thanx! :lol:

  • What a nightmare! My MIL seems to have stopped the "have you got any news" comments - only because hubby kept saying "ooooh, yes!!! we've bought a microwave" or similarimage

    She does get a bit gooey when she sees babies or prams etc, but then so do I!!
  • I can only imagine how infuriating that would be!

    I'm in the same boat as babybump, we haven't told anyone we ttc. But then again MIL lives 85 miles away and we've managed to go since Xmas without seeing them so far!! Not that I don't like her, cos I do, but I would flip if she ever interferred!

    Also my mum lives 125 miles away so we get peace and quiet most of the time! I do see my mum more often, probably once every 4-6 weeks but we speak on the phone three times a week.

    I think I've only spoken to MIL once or twice on the phone since Xmas!

    Why not do what babybump said, tell her you've decided to take a break from ttc until next year and then hopefully she'll stop.......

  • My MIL lives 5 min walk away and it was THE BIGGEST mistake we ever made moving so close. (well, imo anyway, hubby loves it) She comes round ALL the time, and stays for hours. I hate hate hate it. She is so interfering. She will even come round while I am at work and do the washing up. But I don't appreciate her doing that at all - I think it makes me look bad.
    She is ALWAYS going on about how much she wants a grandchild etc etc. GAH! Drives me mad. Wish she would back off. One of these days I am going to snap and am going to clobber her I think. Since mc she texts me EVERY DAY saying 'Hi, how are you today' Have to resist the urge to not send a rude messsage back. I now just reply with just 'fine thanks' and hope she doesn't offer to come round. She doesn't get it that I really am perfectly happy on my own and don't need company all the time like she does!

    Never EVER live within walking distance of your in-laws. Bad bad bad idea. If I could go back in time we would never have bought this house. image

    Phew, deep breaths. Feel really wound up now!
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