Confused and fed up


Ive been on te pill for about 8-9 years however we decided to come off last Novemeber as we want to start a family. Since ive come off the pill my cycle ha been around every 5 to 6 weeks which is very frustrating as every month i seem to be doing pregnancy tests ALL saying negative image

We went away for 2 weeks this month and had sex everyday hoping this would give us a postive test this month. I'm now 5 weeks and still no period but ive got period pains and feel bloated and heavy. We had sex last night and noticed after there was blood however no period today, not a drop!!! I'm really confused as sex normally brings on your period and because there was blood last night i don't understand why i've not come on today?

Has anyone ever experienced this before? Any advice would be helpful

Thanks xxxx


  • Hi,

    I wouldn't panic. Your hubby may have hit your cervix hard or af will start in a couple days or perhaps you are implanting an embryo in your womb!?
    Don't worry but maybe give it until the 6week mark and do a test.
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