I know there are a lot of fans on here! They killed off Max!! xx


  • I watched that yesterday!! How could they do that its so cruel, whats gonna happen to poor little tom?? xx
  • Will Mandy have to come back to look after him? They spent so much time getting to the wedding then...! xx
  • I thought maybe ob would have him or maybe steph! I have to admit that i nearly blubbed! lol. xx
  • Oh no I've not watched it yet!! I dont normally have time to catch it at night so I watch the omnibus on a Sunday morning in my jammies! image

  • i was so shocked i read that they were killing him off but somehow assumed he would have a heartattack. i got such a fright when the car hit him. that poor wee boy maybe tony will have him i think i remember them making him godfather.
  • oh my god i cant go shopping sunday now ill have to stay in and watch it
  • I thought it would be his heart too and was really shocked by the car crash.
    PS I'm so pleased Amy finally cut her hair LOL!!
  • Sorry to the girls I've spoiled it for!

    Tony is godfather I think. But surely Mandy is family, so comes first. There was a storyline like this in Neighbours, Toady lost his wife on their wedding day! xx
  • So sad, did shed a little tear!! Apparently Steph stays in her wedding dress for days - poor girl!
  • I cried and cried! I remember when Max and OB were kids it is such a shame they killed him off, could have left the door open for him! He is such a loss!
  • I know, OB and Max used to be my favourite in it. Now OB has gone and Max is dead. Poor Tom!
    It was so sad xx
  • I was gutted when OB left! Bring back the old crew I recon but they always bump the best ones off!
  • I cried and cried and cried.
    Hubby just sat laughing at me image

    So sad, why do they do it hey?
  • Maybe Max was too boring as a character. They might have felt they went as far with him as they could. Probably had to make room for someone new! xx
  • He wanted to leave apparantely. He is going back to direct the filming.
  • cry? i absolutely wept for ages, like joo my DH laughed at me as well. but i guess thats the pg hormones doing that to me. poor Tom as well thats the bit that made me weep the most. oh i'm a bit sad aren't I?
    Filo x
  • I think Tom will either stay with Steph or go with OB back to London.
    I thought it would be his heart too.
    I wish they would sort that Nial out. Hes starting to p*** me off a bit.
  • Nial is seriously a bit cuckoo! The next storyline really has to be Myra finding out about him. It's dragging on a bit! xx
  • Just wish they would get on with it as he is so bitter and twisted. I agree it has been dragging on for ages and its getting a bit boring now.
  • def dragging on even longer than the clare storyline and that was long. we see more of his evilness next week though dont we?? dont want to spoil for those that dont get soap magazine sooo....
    Filo x
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