back away from those hpts.... help meeeeeeee

LOL this will be a ramble so sorry in advance!
For those who have been lucky enough to avoid me - brief background...
TTC #3 at ripe old age of 41, mc day before Xmas eve and ttc again straight away ummmmmm.
Due around weekend in theory as cycle usually 24 days and I had definite ov pains at day 10 (counting mc as CD1) which is how my cycle usually goes...
So I've held it together and not felt the urge to test (before I was POAS every day - sometimes 2X from 10dpo!!) So I've been invited on a girls night out tomorrow and I haven't been out with the girls for literally years and would quite like a drink as I am very nervous of going out and crowds of people etc so it will loosen me up...
Had decided I would POAS Fri am and if neg then would drink in hope that even if I was preg if it didn't show up on test it would still be so early a drink wouldn't hurt....Yes I know how ridiculous and naive that is...
I feel very due on if you know what I mean, boobs have been sore for days and I'm ratty, tired and tearful.
BUT my boobs aren't usually sore for days before AF and they haven't deflated from last preg and I felt like this when I got BFP last time!!! Was so convinced I was going to get AF and was totally shocked to get BFP instead!!!
So.... I am desperate to POAS now!!!

Help me girls


  • Hmmm the plot thickens... went upstairs to cave in and POAS but (TMI alert) upon performing the required knicker watch procedure there was some brown cm... so didn't bother (and actually not sure I had enough wee to do it anyway LOL) but nothing when I wiped.... AF doesn't usually start brown for me so possibly (in an alternate universe admittedly but I can hope) implantation????
    Who am I kidding!!!
  • Oh i am so sorry to hear about the mc. How far gone were you?
    I think you should hold off for another week (if poss :lol: ) and see if it was implantation. If AF is due at the weekend then if she doesnt show her face you can test next week. I really do think for now though you should try and hold back. Especially so soon after a mc, you dont want to feel hurt from a BFN. I would rather see a BFP or AF so see if she arrives first!!!

    Good luck though, sounds promising image

    xx tink xx
  • Hi,
    Sorry to hear about your m/c, I'd just joined about a week before you got your BFP so have been following your progress, I must admit I was gutted for you! I've just had an early mc / chem preg at 5+2, but have also lost later in pregnancy so i know how you're feeling, and how anxious you are about getting your BFP. As for tomorrow night you should relax and enjoy yourself with your friends and definitely back away from the tests!! I hope you get your BFP this month, and i hope i'll be joining you!!
    Good luck xx
  • 11+2 Tink so thought I was pretty safe...
    Think I'm going to try to be positive and look forward to a boozy Friday!!
  • hey seraphina

    i remember you...we were both in the due july, i have only just started to come back on after my mc, im so sorry to hear of your loss too. good luck this time and fingers crossed for you...keep us posted xxx
  • Hi Granby - I remember you too! Have you been ttc long or just started again?
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