superdrug preg tests on BOGOF

Just been into superdrug to get a test and they are on buy one get one free.

just thought i'd let you ladies know.

I've just done another test and BFN. AF is 5 days late so not sure whats going on with mu body????


  • thatnks for the tip - not that I've ever poas yet - I'm guessing once I start I won't be able to stop though!! lol
  • Yeah im always getting those BOGOF offers, thinks its been on that offer for months. I always get the twin packs.

    You just come off contraceptives?

  • Hi mrspinkplayboy.

    Been off the pill since september but had a mc in jan and took a while to get back to normal. I waited for my next af before we started trying again, so this was my first month tcc. I think its obviously taking longer to get back to normal as before mc i had 28 day cycle and was very regular.
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