CM Question (TMI)

Hi all,

Sorry this is probably way TMI and I aplogise in advance but I'm trying to learn more about my cycle the natural way so am starting to CM spot. How do you see your CM? Is this in your knickers or on the paper, so to speak? Sorry I feel like a total idiot asking this question but I actually know very little about it and have only noticed a bit of CM but that appears to be quite cloudy and white, it's only a small amount as well. Does this sound like EWCM? I expected EWCM to be quite clear....

Again sorry if this offends! :\?



  • First of all dont worry about the TMI as most of us regulars are well used to it.
    This may be more TMI but I find mine EWCM is like when you crack an egg and it falling into a bowl :roll:

    Sorry but mine is always when im at the loo and stand up to wipe I see it hanging there (now im embarrased).

    I hope this helps, others may be different. Good luck with TTC xx
  • Double post

    And i meant TMI not timi (not sure who timi is!!) he he

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  • Dont apologise for tmi hunx Thats what we are here for! he he Although i do apologise for timi aswell! he he

    Test it on your fingers hun. If its clear and stretchy between your fingers then its ewcm. What cycle day are you on?

  • Thanks girls for not being scared off ha ha! Well I'm CD19 now and have no sign of anything like that either in my kncicks or when I go to the loo (that I can tell). So now I'm worried I don't have it... Does that mean I haven't OV'd?!?! I'm guessing that's not good xx
  • *babylove* hehehehehee *giggles* lovbing the TMI! thanks beckywoo for asking, i was thinking the exact ame thing, but didnt quite no how to put it. *still giggling* XXXX
  • My pleasure *me* I did sit here wondering how to word it for a quite a while hee! I'm just wondering how you can tell... I don't seem to have it in my knickers so does anybody do any internal inspections so to speak? Does anyone else not have any? xx
  • well i thought i just had some - it was on the paper when i wiped....the paper almost slipped, there was so much (sorry!)
    BUT, it was slightly cloudy. but DEF stretchy and not thick.
    any thoughts?!
    before today i was getting some in knickers, just cloudy thick stuff. but not had this before (on 3rd cycle since coming off pill) and think pill has just come out of long have you been off pill becky? x
  • Hi Livvy, I've been off for 2 years now so don't think I can blame that. I'm just in a bit of a panic right now as have never really noticed anything before! So am presuming I don't have any. I think I'm past OV now so guess I wouldn't get any at the moment anyway but just a bit confused, if it's so obvious, how come I haven't noticed it before! Confused and worried really because I guess it's essential? xx
  • I don't have much at all!! I came off the pill in december and could never tell when i was OVing so just had to BD for 4/5 days around the middle of my cycle.
    I do get some but it's not alot and it's not clear it's a yellowy white colour. I wear black knickers cos it shows up better so that's how i could see it.
    Got my BFP last week image
  • yeah, becky - dont worry too much. loads of it isnt essential, as cupcake has just proved (congrats by the way!)
    i use sasmar - its a sperm friendly lube from boots. use it like lube and it mimics EWCM's function in helping sperms to 'get up there' so to speak! x
  • Thanks girls, and congrats cupcake!

    I was also wondering then if you don't have any visible in your knickers, does anyone do internal inspections?!?! xx
  • I'm 8 days onto my second cycle off the implant and didn't notice any at all last cycle. I hope it's just that it's taking a while for my system to get back to normal and that I might get some this month *crosses fingers*

    Evening primrose oil is meant to be good for getting the flow going, so to speak, but from what I have read you can only take it up until the point in your cycle when you ovulate.
  • Oh littlewolf you just made me lol and hubby asked what i was laughing about (told him it was something on facebook dont think he would have liked it if i told him about doing a wee poke n see session). hahahahaha
    Actually you could get hubby to do it for you as part of the foreplay i suppose. Im sure he would be able to tell whether you felt wetter or not\? xx
  • "Wee-poke'n'see" session ha ha I love it! I don't know where I'd be without this site, I'm so clueless about all this stuff! xx
  • I always notice mine on wiping.
    If I'm not quite sure I will internally have a wee poke n see session :lo.

    I have it for around 5 days prior to OV is this normal?

    *still giggling* LMAO! this thread is so funny! ok so note to self, wee, poke, see. :lol:
  • I'm finding this all fascinating... I mean do girls generally do this or is it just a TTC thing?!?! I'd never even noticed anything like CM before! xxx
  • ive never noticed it b4, so yes i think just a ttc thing! *giggles*
  • ooooo hahahahahaa silly me! i did wonder???? LOL *giggling even more now!*
  • haha im the same never noticed it before either, im on my first cycle after the implant on day CD 14 and not had a positive OV yet (boo hoo) still time though i hope x
  • every time i go to the loo im checking now! im like CM mad! lol only on CD8 tho! hahahaha xxxx
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