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Any ideas?????

Hi, on CD32 i had a BFN and was gong to test again in CD35 but decided not to, then AF arrived in the afternoon so that was that, but.....

now should be CD4 i woke up this morning (6.30) feeling really sick, went to the loo and the tampon i had been using for the last 6hrs didnt have a spot on it and nothing since.

Now it is 5pm(ish) and stillnothing, had a lower back pain for the last two weeks and now AF, which was very light when she was here, has gone after only 3 days.

Is my body playing tricks on me? I came off the pill in Dec, is that still messing with me?

Any ideas please??????


  • I came off the pill at the end of November and was expecting really horrid, long periods. Instead, I found that they were quite light and lasted less than when I was on the pill, about 2/3 days.

    It maybe just a symptom of the pill coming out of your system x
  • The last few periods since coming off have been heavy and longer than when on the pill which is why im not sure what is going on. Thanks for your reply.
  • if anyone has any ideas and thoughts i would be very glad of them
  • It could be that your cycle is still settling after coming off the pill, mine were a bit all over the place and are still slightly longer that they used to be (came off pill end of Sept).

    Was the blood that you had too heavy to just count as 'spotting' ? It may not have been full af?
    Do you know when you OVed? If your cycles aren't settled and you haven't been tracking your OV then you might have got your date for af wrong then it could have been implantation bleed, but that is pure speculation.

    If you tested 3 days ago and got BFN I think it's unlikely you could get a BFP but if you're not convinced it was a proper af after all it might be worth doing another one, just to put your mind at rest? x
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