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ovulation worries

My sister had a miscarriage in Feb this year and she was heartbroken. The baby had died at 6 weeks, but she didnt find out until her scan at 9 weeks. since having a D and C her af are very erratic.
She is ready to start trying again, but is not sure when she is ovulating. Her last 2 af were 47 days apart and she is now on day 29 of this cycle.

Is there any way of working it out besides buying something to help?
I really want to help her because I gave birth prematurely to my little girl in january and so it has made it more difficult for her, seeing me with a baby.
Maria x


  • Hi hun, sorry for your sisters loss, its a devastating experience. Has she tried monitoring her cm or cervix position? Also she could keep an eye on her basal body temp. I personally just watch out for ewcm, but I know some others on here do the cervix pos/bbt. If she googles the subjects, Im sure she will find lots of info. Tons of luck to her.

    Hope your gorgeous little one is doing ok too. Take care xx
  • thanks for replying, i will pass the info on.
    Elise is doing really well and eating for England lol x
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