CD1! I get to play with my CBFM today!!

Unusually happy to be on CD1! I was worrying that my cycle was going to stretch over 42 days and that would throw me off the CBFM criteria but nope, only 37 days which I'm quite chuffed about.

So I programmed the CBFM today image I've ordered 20 more sticks and some Pre-Seed. After months of guessing when I'm OVing and just hoping it happens I'm gonna bloody work for our BFP this month! Haha!

I'm on holiday from work for 2 weeks now and it's my birthday next week so that could have something to do with the positive attitude! I'm cramping like a biatch though, ouch! Painkillers here I come...


  • I am Keri-Anne! Been a long time since I've been on here but so excited I just had to post something about it ha! I've been browsing and see you've got your BFP!!! Well done you!!!
  • I'm using a cbfm for 1st month too, was having 33 day cycle then they stopped for nearly 3 months when i bought cbfm.
    I know the longest cycle is 42 for using cbfm but i'm sort of hoping my cycles will be more regular and since i've already got it might as well give it a go.

    Seems to be quite a few bfp's last couple of days, congrats to you all.

    Good luck this month tinkerbell x
  • aw Tilly I'm sure they'll regulate and you'll be able to get to business! My cycles are only just sorting themselves out, they've never been regular until recently. I hope we both get our CBFM BFPs this month image
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