Spotting? What day is cd1

Hi girls.

Im just wondering if anyone can give me some advice please. My af was due to start on Monday coming but I've had spotting since Friday not even enough for anything to be used but spotting none the less. I've done a hpt this morning and it's bfn so I know it's not that but what day do I class as day one. Should I wait til full flow? Or do I class the first day of spotting?

Thank you for your help x x


  • Hi hun

    Always first day of full red bleed not spotting as CD1 good luck hun

  • Thank you petal. Still just spotting, it can be so confusing can't it? What a palava xx
  • DEFO hun our bodies can be soooooooo confusing have gave up for now!! going to enjoy our holiday, have loads of sex and see what happens.

  • You're not wrong SD, our bodies are a nightmare sometimes aren't they?

    A holiday will be fab for you, I've been following your threads and you definately deserve your hols. Have a fab time.

    V xx
  • it always confuses me too what is cd1 but I agree with SD the gen consensus seems to be it's first day full flow. Why can't it be more simple - we should all be given a manual on how our own bodies work image too much guess work involved the way it is! good luck x
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