omg ermmmmm help needed asap!

OMG girls....

this is my 1st mth of ttc, only been off pill since last wed, had period sat till sun instead of sat-wed only bled a little bit for 1 day and thought it was odd, was due 2 start pill again wed but me and OH decided 2 ttc ! well i thought 1 day of bleeding was odd, ive had cramps since and weeing alot lol and thought im drinking this wkend ill do a test just 2 be sure and just been asda and got a asdas own 1 and omg im sure there is 2 lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont know wot 2 do, as tht means i fell on the pill!!!

gonna test 2moro again i think and see as im convinced test must be faulty lol

xx a very shocked holly xx


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