cbfm help please

I have been using the cbfm for 5 months now and nothing. I usually get peaks about cd20/21 which has meant the longest LP I have had is 8 days! I have been taking B6 to try to help for last month and this month. Last month no change and this month I started with highs on CD16.....today I am CD21 and I am still high!
What does this mean. This has not happened before. I am thinking of ditching th cbfm next month!
Any advice....


  • My advice would be ditch it tbh!!

    I used it for the first time this cycle! I tend to have fairly irregular cycles which is why i wanted some reassurance!

    I got highs from cd7 alllll the way to cd24 with no peak, every morning getting more and more stressed and disappointed! Then cd25 it went to low! I was really upset as i thought i wasnt going to ov this month. Then on cd29 on a whim i used one of the test sticks as an opk and got a positive!! It's just as well i blimmin tested!

    Why did it go low on cd25 when i was actually gearing up to ov? I think it's because clearblue would rather have me believe i haven't ov'd than that the machine was rubbish! I wouldn't be suprised if, regardless of your cycle, cd25 is always a low!

    I could be wrong but i found the worry of it far too much, i'd rather just look out for the natural signs and bd every other day!

    But that's just my opinion...

    Good luck hun!

  • Hi girls, I can't help you with your questions, but after using it for so long Mrs Mel, I would go to your GP. I know they say you can't go until you've been trying for a year, but you may have identified a potential problem with ttc, and the sooner you go, the sooner you can get the ball rolling? You have some evidence at least with a LP of 8 days.

    I don't use mine faithfully every month, as like you Lady, I find it a bit stressful, and there is a lot of hype surrounding it that it's a magic machine that will make sure you get pregnant.

    Good luck image
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