Hi everyone,

This is only my 2nd wall post, so sorry if im not using all the right words.

Im so gutted, this is my 7th month of again utter disappointment. My OH and I booked a relaxing week away, and amazingly this fell on my most fertile days. I thought all the "fun" we had, and not just regimental baby making would have really made a difference, but as i found out this morning this clearly wasn't the caseimage

Just to make things even worse My OT works away 3 -4 nights per week now....will i ever get there??



  • So sorry to hear that Lianne. There are so many of us in the same position so we're help to help and keep you sane! I'm on month 8.
    You will get there and it will be even more special for the wait x
  • Ahh Thanx Goonie,

    Yeh lots of us out there hey? Just feel so upset/gutted...Like all of us. Think wot makes it even worse is the job i do, so many people out there who care very little for their children!!

    Let me kno wen u get ur good news!!image

  • Hi hun

    So sorry to hear this hun, i too am on Month 7 its so hard isnt it.

    I know what you mean because everyone says relax you go off and relax and it still doesnt happen.

    I really hope you can pick yourself back up and build up your PMA again hun but i know it is hard.

    You know where I am if you need to talk, chin up hun.

    Oh MrsCake has put a thread together for us 6 month + ttcer's you should come and join that?

  • Indeed I have! I am on month 7 too and it sucks! Come and join us image xx
  • Ooh yes join our thread, equal amounts of moaning and super support image x
  • Thanks Sparkling,

    I'm tring to stay positive. Some months a little harder than others hey? How do i get onto MrsCake's thread...sorry im new to this, lol

  • It's just in the main list! It's called the 6+ month ttcers! Just pop in and say hello xx
  • Hey Lianne, sorry to her yor news but just just wanted to say we are in the similar situation. My oh works away about 4 days a week, and we have missed so many opportunities in past few months. Last month we were on holiday and like you I thought perfect, as it fell on the days I was ov, but it was not to be and I was gutted.
    So just wanted to say you are not alone, I never realised it would take as long as it has..
    Hope we all get the good news soon
  • Hi Ladies,

    Thanx 4 ur replies...can't belive what a similar situation we are in Naturelle!
    Just wish we all had a magic wand!! Oh well lets keep trying xx
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