chemical pregnancy?

Hi all, I did a FR on fiday and got a faint positive, but last night Id a few drops of v pale watery blood on the tissue and this morn a little dark brown bleeding not really like my period. It sounds to me like it could be chemical pregnancy? AF due tues so if I hadnt tested early Id think it was just it but Ive been throwing up for the last few days and a few other pregnancy symptoms


  • I think it could also be implantation. Saying that i did have a chemical 2 months ago. Why is our body just so cruel ?
  • I know image Im thinking maybe my body wasnt ready yet. We waited for 1 AF after D&C to try again. Last time I had a funny bleed that I thought was implantation but ended up having a mmc. Its all a waiting game!
  • Good luck fran.
  • Hi Fran, I had a chemical pregnancy last month and got BFP on CBD - however the next day I had a very heavy af which lasted much longer than usual. This sounds like implantation bleeding as brown blood (old blood) - with me it was red and very heavy.
    Your other symptoms sound positive too for pregnancy, try again after af due date.
    Lots of good luck and let us know how you get on.
    Im due to test on Wed but have af feelings just now so not getting my hopes up - also tested BFN yesterday image
    Rach x
  • Thanks Rach, I will keep an eye on bleeding and if it doesnt turn red I might test on Wed or go to the docs. Fingers crossed your AF stays away!
  • Hi girls,tested this morn with FR and its negative, not even the shadow lines I was getting before it was positive image Bleeding has tailed off now so expecting m AF full blown tomorrow. I was thinking there was a funny little ( and I mean tiny size of an apple seed) clot that came out sat night so I think that may have been it image Just hope I stop being sick now. Im disappointed but Im ok I glad Im spared the heartache of next time. If I get AF tomorow dont know what to count as CD1??

    Mrs Rich, of course you havent upset me hun, maybe it was just a box of dodgy tests? THe sickness could be put down to a bug too I suppose, guess I'll never know!
  • Sorry you have had such a disapointment Fran, was really hoping you had done it hun. image
    If f/b af arrives tomorrow, then I would count that as cd1.
    Good luck for next month x
  • Youve had a really tough time lately, im so sorry! Im keeping my fingers crossed that your bfp is just around the corner. xxx
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