Hi Im From TTC After Miscarriage Forum...

Hey Ladies. image
im from the ttc after miscarriage forum...
heres a little bit about me and my story but cut short!!!...
i had a missed miscarriage on the 25th february at 8 weeks pregnant... the following day i had an ERPC to remove my baby...
i was told that my 1st AF could be between 4-6 weeks after the ERPC and it came exactly 5 weeks after (1st april)... normally my cycles are 28days so im hopin its gone back to a 28 day cycle!!
Im on cd21 right now.... Af should be due on 29th if im going by my 28 day cycle before miscarriage..
For 2-3 days ive been feeling very strange... tired, backpain, funi taste in ma mouth and very bloated with few cramps and pains....also feeling bit moody and snappy!!
i dont usually get AF symptoms until the day i actuali come on!!
Really wanting to test now but i no its to early.. testing date i put down as the 30th (next friday! ) seems so far away! its probably all in my head cos i want it so much but im hoping it could be this month!! wont be REALLY disappointed if im not cos its only been 2 months since my ERPC but would be perfect if i was image
Good Luck 2 Everyone And Lots Of Baby Dust Around image
Claire xx


  • hi yummymummy1989, so sorry to hear about everything you have been through, try and hold out testing as llong as you can hun, to avoid even more upset for you and OH. did u BD at the right time this month? it sounds good, hope its a sticky BFP for you! xxxx
  • hi mummy image

    So sorry for the miscarriage, sending u sticky glue this time image
    Ur syptoms sound promising. Wishing u all the best and Goof Luck image
  • yeah we BD around my ovulation time and on the day i think!! i dont use CBFM or anything but i kinda know when im ovulating! lots of baby dust to you ladies iswel image xx
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