3-4 wk CBD then 1-2 wk

Hi girls
I received a 3-4 week positive on CBD last night hadnt drank in over 5 hours! then tried again at lunch today and got another positive but 1-2 weeks this time on CBD. My DH read somewhere that depending what you drink and a few other factors this can affect your results.
I think I ovulated 1st April so 1-2 weeks sounds more realistic.
I did another check on First Response and got 2 very clear positive lines!

Just wondered if any of you have had this.

Dr appt booked for Thur eve x


  • hheehe i knew you were gonna ask that, i did think about then when i read the other post! lol congrats! so im not too sure either tbh. maybe uve drank more today it is a bit weaker, coz if u dont drink u do get a stronger HCG, hense why people say test in the morn, as you havent drank, or peed for hours? xxxxxxx
  • yep your prob right just sitting in work thinking well if i can get positive wihtout FMU that must be extra good! heheh xx
  • yeah exactly image and i reckon uve been nipping to the loo all day aswell! so that mite make it a bit weaker too xxxx
  • soz meant to right it did say 2-3 wk last night but today at lunch it says 1-2 wk
    what u reckon? Def reckon I am pregnant all them funny needing the loo feeling must have been symptoms what u reckon
  • Hello

    CONGRATS for the 3rd time lol

    I am looking stalker ish :lol:

    If you hcg is right at the end of the 1-2 mark and right at the start of the 2-3 marker then the test may have probs also drink lots may not have helped image

    Hope this helped....

    See you in Due in dec xx If ur getting 2-3wks and ur 12dpo WOW maby it's twins :lol:

    Please dont pannic and enjoy being PREGNANT image

    gembags x ur new stalker :lol:
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