Yay - Finally got peak on CBFM - need help now.....

Hey Ladies,

I admit I don't think I really used my monitor properley but this month I was determined I would do so!

I am on CD22 - yesterday I got my first positive on it and today I have peak so finally got to see the 3 bars and the li'l egg LOL.

So - need help though - we BD yesterday - and i'm not sure if we should bd adain tonight because i got the peak or should we bd tomorrow so we are only doing it so to speak - every other day?


  • give him a treat! you are meant tp bd on your peak
  • Yay -

    got to be honest - i was hoping that to be the response!

    I know I shouldn't be - but i'm so excited - we really want this so much - LOL- that sound so silly - we r all here because we want this.

  • dont have any help with cbfm
    bt if u want to bd then bd hun image
    good luck x
  • thanks gembags -

    OH better be up for it tonight LOL - he's been in a 7 hour meeting today so he might be a little tired - but i think i drummed it in to him when i was runnin round with my mon itor in my hand grinning like a cheshire cat shouting "you know what this means don't you?"

  • I would BD tonight and tomorrow morning and then tomorrow night for luck, I got my BFP llast time that way

  • OMG rainbow - ur OH must love u if that's ur plan. gees - iv just txt someone to say i am going to nap with the dog for 30 mins 'cuz i'm tired - but i think i need to re-think and make it and hour if i'm going to gachieve all that bd'ing.

    Must say - I like ur style though - and i am really positive about things this month.

  • I agree with Rainbow - bd tonight, tomorrow morning and tomorrow evening that way you're covering it from all angles!

    I know what you mean about seeing that peak - it's such a lovely thing!

    Lots of luck xx
  • Yes that's the way I got my BFP. BD as much after 1st peak. I still remember the little egg. I love it! I even took a picture of it ! lol
  • thanx ladies,

    didn't manage to bd last night - oh was shattered after the meeting and to b honest i wasn't too far behind him after thje rush of closing the offices for x-mas - but - with no persuasion at all neccessary - we bd this moirning!

    Also - I got another peak and li'l egg this morning - but i still have no idea when i count 1dpo?

    Any advice?

  • Princess, I wound count tomorrow as 1DPO, that's how I did it - not sure if that's what everyone else does though! Tomorrow you will get a high, then lows after that, so I must admit I didn't even switch it on after that!

    I'm sure your BD this morning would have been enough, good luck sweetie

  • thanx rainbow,

    got to be honest - i don't want to take any chances - i'm going to run round like a loon again showing him the monitor again so he gets the hint that we should bd again tonight.

    i hope it works this cycle!

    I've mentioned before that OH had this feeling when I went to the docs a while back - he had a feeling I wasn't pg then - and i wasn't. obviously i was upset - but he said not to worry - he had this feeling that in 5 months - i would be - well 5 months works out to be Jan 7th. I can't help but b excited - this is the 1st cycle where i have got any joy with cbfm, we have managed to bd at what seems to b the right time. This will b the best start to a new year if i get a bfp.

    good luck everyone

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