Who's Testing Around 27th Apr? x

Hi i think we will all be in our 2ww now and im getting a little bit excited ("wispers")
I will be going on holiday on 3rd may for a week so hoping for BFP before i go. This is our 3rd month TTC. Im not charting or anything just trying to be laid back lol! As you can see shhh!
Ive usually got sore & heavy (.)(.) by now not sure if thats a good sign, other than that i havent got any other signs as yet.

Feel free to add anything And it would be nice to have buddies to test with... Babydust to all xxx


  • Hi,
    I'll be testing on the 27th too if all goes well. We're on month 5 ttc number 2 but I think I have a luteal phase defect so am fully expecting af on the 25th image
    Fingers crossed for you, I hope the next week goes quickly x
  • hiya, im testing 27th too, yay, im excited aswell! im only 5dpo, and for a day now have been having raelly weird pulling in my tummy? and my nipples hurt image yay. dont know if im wishful thinking tho? coz i dont even know if its poss to have symptoms this early? good luck to us image xxxx
  • hi goonie thanks for sharing im also ttc my 2nd my son is 5 in june so i am liking the age gap. would be nice to hear if you have any symptoms over the next week xxx
  • hey "me" your symptoms sound good good luck and feel free to post any more you may get. x
  • Hi, I'm planning to test around the 27th or 28th too.

    I'm not sure if I did ov when I thought (think I may have ov'd around 14th but not sure) as in a very long cycle but I'm willing to put myself through another 2ww torture!

    I've not got any symptoms apart from very sensitive nipples but this started on the 15th so pretty sure not pg related and I'm hoping it's a sign I did ov. Only managed to bd once though so not confident but there's nothing I like better than a good old symptom spot so count me in!

  • Hi, I will be testing around 29th If I can wait that long. (That will be 14dpo) but last cycle was 28days but ov at CD21/22 this cycle so think it may be longer.
  • awww glad youve (hopefully) OV'd kernow! hi kimlou, feeling sick the lst 2 days, but m thinking its all in my head coz i dont think its possible to have symptoms b4 impantation, so i dunno, i really hope so tho image time will tell i suppose xxxxxxxxx

    p.s i had a mushroom pizza yesterday and nearly trhu up! ewww. normally i like mushrooms ...mmmm. again could be soething else i suppose xxxx
  • Welcome kernow glad your joining us i havent bd much either and i think sore nips are a good sign although i havent got that yet which i normally do.

    Mrs mel good luck with your testing. any symptoms?

    "me" mushroom pizza sounds nice but sickness is a good sign too . hope we all go into DIJ together x
  • oooooooo i hope so kimlou! so excited to test! xxxxxxxxx
  • isn't it a bit weird to think that those of us who do get BFP's will be due next year (it seems so far away!!)

    Thanks for the welcome ladies. I'm a little confused today as I thought I'd ov'd on weds because I had been using my opk's and they'd been quite dark for a few days then it went darker (not quite a +ve as it should have been) but pretty dark, followed by no lines at all and the sensitive nipples. But obviously as I wasn't sure I've still been testing and last night and today they're getting darker again?? Todays one had a really dark outer edge (possibly same colour as control line) so now I'm thinking maybe I didn't ov before but am now but then why would I get sensitive nipples before (I've been googling and this should occur after?) and when I grabbed hubby this afternoon in case it was ov, it was really tight (tmi sorry) and not very comfortable whereas surely if it was ov it would have "slipped in" (tmi again).

    Gahhh so confusing!

    Hey ho I'll still test on 27th/28th and will continue the good work of sympton spotting lol!

  • By the way *me* your symptoms sound good! Fingers crossed!!
  • i reckon your bodies just having a mojor build up to OV lol, coz its been so long i think! almost same as the control line, sounds god to me, so well done for pinning down hubby lol, maybe BD again 2moro aswel, just in case, also ur nipples may be sore coz of hormones getting back to normal etc? thats what im worried my symptms are so no getting excited, cant help but wonder tho image have you had any EWCM yet? i forgot wether you mentioned it on another post or not?

    fngers croosed u wil be getting AF soon then....we actuallly fingers crossed you OVd today, and you dont get AF, either would be great! lol xxx
  • kernow thats confusing but it sound good to me as you say keep bd ing every other day just to be sure. and im loving the symptom spotting ladies he he

    has anyone got any tests in yet? im thinking its best to wait because if i know their in the house il be tesing and prob be dissapointed so if i just get 1 the day befoe af due il be fine (says me the poas addict of the year) lol x
  • yeah im the same kimlou! lol refuse to keep them in the house otherwise i will end up testing early, hopefully we wont need to poas much more hun! im gonna go to the shop day b4 testing so i can test the next moring, and no sooner, im hoping coz u irlies are testing then too, that will stop me aswell lol xxxxx
  • Hey no ewcm that I've noticed at any stage so not sure?? CM today wasn't as sticky as it has been and at a push could be described as 'slippery' but def not stretchy and didn't feel very slippery when we bd'd (tmi sorry!) so I guess I'll just wait and see!!

    KIMLOU have you had any symptoms yet?
  • kernow dont worry about tmi thats what were here for because cant talk to other ppl like this ha!

    no signs yet really just lots of ewcm from previous pregnancies i can remember feeling sicky and having heavy sore (.)(.) but nothing like that yet but prob too soon. Actually ive had back ache today so not sure where thats come from might have something to do with jumping on the trampoline yest he he he x
  • hahaha can u imagine! while going round your mums for tea? dscussing this?! hahaha. fingers crossed for us all! x
  • I think I am only 3/4dpo but had a really metallic taste in my mouth all morning and for the last hour felt a little sick. Also last night my nipples were so tender! But I am sure it is all in my mind: am sure its too early to have any symptoms. I have also decided that I am not going to test early!
  • wow mrs mel they are all good symptoms but best not to get to excited but it does sound good he he!

    We will have to agree not to buy tts til the day before af due ladies and mrs mel keep a list of the symptoms for future reference if needed x
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