Is the CBD more accurate?

Hi Girls,

Just wondering if it is worth getting a few CBDs as well as cheaper tests so that if I get a line I can make doubly sure with the digital one.

Are these anymore accurate? Or is it more that you can't fool yourself into seeing a line or worrying the line is too faint when you only get 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant'?

Hope everyone is able to enjoy the sunshine today - sadly we are painting skirting boards! lol

Thanks x


  • Hey hun, the CBDs are notoriously less sensitive than the likes of Superdrug and First Response. I got a v faint line on an eBay cheapy at 9DPO, another faint one on FR at 10DPO and a definite line on FR at 12DPO. Didn't do my CBD until my AF was late and got 'pregnant 1-2'.

    All pregnancies differ and I have seen some girls get a positive on a CBD before their AF is due, but for the majority it can be a bit upsetting getting 'not pregnant' when you've had lines on other tests.

    So I would say go for line tests to start and CBD after you've missed AF, if that makes sense? Good luck hun x
  • If you are going to be testing early then I wouldnt get them. They are less sensitive than the others and you may get a "not pregnant". If you have the willpower to wait untill af is due or a day or two later then yes it is good to see it in writing.

    Good luck xxx
  • i agree with the ladies if ur able to wait until/af is late then buy them.

  • Thanks very much for the advice - I'm glad I know they are less sensitive before using them!

    It sounds as though there is little point getting them if they are less sensitive and more expensive. Might stick to my cheaper ones.

    Do you know is the sure sign ones are any good?

  • I have no experience of them. I have used and would recommend first response, asda's own and super drugs. I got my BFP at 9DPO with FR and 10DPO with asdas own.
    I would still recommend CBD for after af is due as even though you get a line you will still not believe it ;\)
  • Hi hun,

    I would second babylove in recommending asda's own. There less than ??4 for a double pack and i got my bfp on them the same day i used FR.

    Also, personally, i have got some cbd's in so that i can see the words image It's great!

    Good luck
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