Would u believe it?!

Hi all,

I posted the other night about me not having had an AF for 92 days after coming off the pill! Well after your advice I called the docs and typically he was on hol until next Mon so I made an appt to see him next Mon morning. I went to the loo mid morn today and I had like a brown discharge and then I started getting back pains and draggin pain, I have a tad more blood now and its more red so it looks like after 94 days I am finally having an AF! Yay. So hopefully I can start to monitor em thats aslong as my next one isnt in 94 DAYS!!! So looks like I will have to cancel my appt with the docs - its odd that after I posted on here on Wed and today I have AF. I must have scared my body into it hehe!

Thanx for the advice ladies :\)


  • that is strange but good at least af showing. can i ask is that dog in your pic a patterdale? we have one called wilson he is dead cute too.
  • Exactly, I was starting to worry! was nice not having an AF tho. No shes a staffie, I can see why you thought she was a patterdale as she is quite small for a staff and has larger than normal ears. She was a pup there, just turned 3 now.
  • Fab news! Hope it's nearer 28 days for your next cycle image
  • Thanx gypsy so do I, then the games can begin! he he! My OH was disappointed as he was hoping I was PG but I just knew I wasn't and want to be able to know my cycle and when I am OVing etc.. X
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