Only ov'd at the weekend, having crampy pains. Advice pls!

Hi ladies, I came off the pill and had usual AF on 17th May. I calculated that I ov'd on the weekend of the 31st, and had EWCM. So DH and I did the *ahem* BD'ing!
From yesterday, I have had lower abdo mild cramps, and it feels just how I do the couple of days before I get my AF. My cycles are usually as regular as clockwork, so am I just having an early AF because my cycle is messed up, or am I just getting mad TTC psychosis and imagining it?
Any advice gratefully received!
Love Topbird xx


  • I had tons of twinges etc before af showed up in my 2ww. Unfortunately my body thought it funny to trick me! I hope yours isn't doing the same, I came off the pill end of March. Hope it's a bfp for you. xx
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