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cant find the post now but i know some of you girls were talking of trying to loose some weight be conceiving. i am too. just wandered what you thought of having a weekly weigh in so we can support each other. thought if we each post ur weight and we can udate our own post each week.

target weight 9stone
7/7/08 - 10stone 1lb (not inpressed as i was down to 9 st 11 before i came off pill)

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  • hiya I think it was the post I started that you are on about, I get weighed on a thursday at weightwatchers so I am up for a weekly weigh in!
  • Hi girls, I have IBS and really suffer with it so my doctor has told me i need to review the things I eat. So even though I am not doing this JUST to lose weight I would love to join you girls.

    I have been unhappy with my weight for ages so now is the time to do something about it.

    i am 5'6 and 10 stone 8 this is what I was when I saw the nurse three weeks ago though I will doubly check when I get home tonight.

    She did say i was a perfect weight for my height though my fat belly is telling me other things.

    K xx
  • im sure it was sep2612 cant seem to find it. the posts dissappear fast on here.lol.

    klou i also have tummy probs and had kinda sorted myself out but seem to be slipping back so i really want to get myself sorted.
  • should we make monday mornings the day to post the previous weeks results (if that makes sense)???
  • sounds good. do you think it easier to udate this one or just whoever on first start a new weeks post.
  • I'll have to weigh myself to see what if i lost anything this week but my last one was:

    Height: 5.7"/5.8"
    Start weight: 11 stone
    Target weight: 9.5stone

    7/7: 10.9 stone

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  • I think it would be best to start a new one on each monday or the posts will get really long and for new people wanting to join will take ages to read through? What do you girls think?

    K xx
  • yeah think that be best. just whoever on first put a weigh in post with date. that way be easy for us to find.
    good luck everyone. lilac* you sound as if you already on your way.xx
  • yeah I think that would be best, whoever on first start the post on a monday morning and have a new one each week then people can join in!

    I'm not putting my weight down at the moment you would all be horrified!!, all I'll say is I want to lose 2 stone at least before I start ttc so let the battle begin!!!

    Good luck everyone xx
  • Ok I'l be brave and tell you that I started ww online 2 weeks ago at 14-7 and lost 3lbs by last wednesday(I work wednesdays so weigh on works scales.
    7/7 -3lbs=14.3
  • hey girls
    i didn't post last week about wi as didn't lose anything but did STS (stay the same), 10st!
    but feeling more positive this week wi is tomorrow morning so will let you know!!!
    i'm 5ft so every pound counts!
    first target i have set myself is 9st, so heres hoping!!!
    don't think i'm doing to bad as i was 10st 8 when i started WW online 5 weeks ago!!
    good luck to everyone!!
  • Good luck for your WI. Its good online isn't it?xx
  • Well girls, wi today and i've lost 3lb!!!
    thats me down to 9st 11lb!
    only 11lb to go before target!!
  • Thats brilliant, well done you.xx
  • thanks!!
    are you online as well hjanea?
  • Lilac - great loss!! Well done everyone else!! Keep it going!!

    I am weighing 2moz at WW and have 1Ib to goal!! Don't think it will be this week tho as have been comfort eating as AF is sooo painful! lol xx

    Last week I was 11st 4Ibs - 5'8''
  • Hello,

    Glad someone has started this up again! We had one going a while ago, but it sorta fizzled out!

    I started Slimming World 5 weeks ago and have so far lost 11 1/2 lbs (2lbs this week, hurrah!)

    That makes me:

    13 stone 10 lbs, as of 8/7/08
    I would like about 2 stone off to get to target, although I would like to think I would have my BFP by then!!!

    Let's keep going ladies!

  • well done everyone on weight loss. i only really started again on monday so not weighing till next week. ive done allsorts of diets but this week i have just cut everything downa nd im trying to eat healthy. 3 days in so far so good.

    good luck on the 1lb immense.
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