Advice needed on ov tests :)

can anyone clarify something, we on the SMEP plan and uing ov tests...i got a positive on tues...looked like positive anyway very much there!...andway remains positive even today...very dark today though...
we bed mon tue wed thur, not fri and bed sat....i got ov pains now, did i ov tues?,,,,or only just now?...
so have i missed the window?...did i assume i ov to early?...i hope not image as we both been knackered all week lol fom our jobs and BD haha...also when BD does anyone (sorry TMI) put there legs in the air haha?!...i been told a good idea?...any advice would be great...image and when is my 1st DPO? thanks!! xx

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  • Hey!

    I'm certain I read somewhere that the most important positive ov stick is the first one, therefore if you got a positive on Tues then this is the one you should pay attention to (however someone please correct me if I'm wrong...I'm still quite new to this!)

    Re BDing, I put a wee cushion under my bum if it's in the evening and we're going to bed but if we BD in the morning and hubby gets up I turn around in bed and put my legs up on the wall. Sexy eh?!! image
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