How much time do u think about TTC & how do you cut down?

How much time do u think about TTC & how do you cut down?

I know people say that you should not get stressed about TTC, and that includes thinking about it, doesn't it?
I must admit I think about it alot, cos I keep a record of my symptons, I always check cm when I go to the loo, I come on here quite a few times a day, I poas for OV testing on quite a few days.

I try not to talk about it, but I do analysis what things mean (ie cm, moods, cramps), so this probably doesn't help.

Is anyone else conscious or worried of how much they think about TTC? Does thinking about it (in a positive way, not a worried way) have an impact on how successful you are at conceiving? What ways are you adopting to stop thinking about TTC?


  • Hi there i think we'd all be lying if we said we didnt think about ttc most of the time. Im constantly thinking about it and wondering when our times going to come, it does get quite disheartening though as so many negative tests... Good luck to us all!
  • Hi sevans
    Im pretty much in the same boat as you. I try and shut off but it doesnt work. I too reg check CM and BBT every morn.
    Im OV this weekend so cant think bout anything else. I dont talk about it as we havent told anyone that we are TTC cause im scared it never happens!! :_( xx
  • This is the most frustrating thing in the world. I never thought I would be annoyed that a period ONLY comes ONCE a month. 12 chances a year and only a 20% chance each time. How is it so easy for some people! We have not told anyone either mrsalston for the same reason as you!
  • Its crap isnt it..then when someone tells you that they are preg you have to be so pleased for them and then the usual . "so whens it your turn". If only they knew!! Be us soon tho xxx
  • I can forget for a short time then something reminds me.. like seeing a big bump on someone, dd asking for a brother all the time,so many friends pg or with newborns, all the stuff i've neatly packed away from my dd.

    Another friend today announced she's pg ,8weeks gone, and her lo is only 7 months and she went on and on about not being ready for another.
    I nearly shouted WHY DIDN'T YOU USE A BLOODY CONDOM THEN but did'nt and just bit my lip and put the kettle on again xxx

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  • I think about it constantly!!!
    I have to try really hard not to go on about it in front of hubby tho as it does stress him out way way more than me.
    I'm a POAS addict and do them loads without him knowing. Last month he thinks I only did 2 tests - I probably did about 8!!!
    I symptom spot LOADS too but never tell him - it'd build his hopes up!!!
    This month he doesn't want me to POAS until I'm late - yeah whatever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mrs Joo, Im the same about sympton spotting loads.
    I try not to speak much to dh about it, but he sees me keeping my diary.
    Do you think as long as its positive thoughts, it isn't detrimental to TTC?
  • Hi sevans

    I have tried to cut down how often I come on here. I do analyse everything, and I think writing it down, and getting feedback is obviously analysing it more. What if you don't get the answer you want to hear?!

    I don't talk to my OH about symptoms etc, because he too would get his hopes up. Did a pg test middle of week, bfn, he said he felt really down. Told him I had to keep my PMA up, and not to make me feel guilty...he was the one who wanted to know when I was going to test!

    I'm constantly symptom spotting, and get a bit worried if I haven't had any for a couple of minutes! :-/

    Don't think PMA is a bad thing, but most of us can't keep it going 24/7! xx
  • I am awful my first thought was to try and enjoy this all but I am a big worrier and I hear about everybody else and it's all I think about. I have not stopped thinking about it since I though I was OV like over a week ago and this last week on my 2ww as been the longest of my life!!!

    I think it's bad as I am not very busy at work right now and so I am on this site pretty much all day plus my two best friends at work are trying too so thats all they talk about.

    It's driving me insane.

    K xx
  • I think about it all the time, but last sept, when i didn't think about it, and thought i am def. not pg this month i was! sadly, had a mmc, so i am really trying not to think about it, but am so desperate for a little one xx
  • Im totally obsessed, i find it really hard to think of anything else and i come on here at least twice a day too! Sometimes i just have to snap myself out of it just so that i can get on with normal everyday life. Role on the next wk when i can at least start poas (ov ones) lol. Then at least it feels like im doing something! xx
  • It's reasuring that I'm not the only one to think about it all the time, and I am glad we have this forum to share all our experiences.

    Even with the best intentions to reduce the amount of time I think about it, I don't think I can.

    Its so easy, and annoying, for others who aren't TTC to say "Try not to think about it and it will happen" or "I got pregnant when we weren't thinking about it". I would like to hear "I got pregnant, and I did think about it a lot while we were trying". Anyone out there that this applies too?
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