Odd Test Result...

Hi Ladies

I haven't posted on here for some time now, but I know if I ever need good advise this is the place to come...

Been tcc for 18 months now and received so many bfn i've lost count.

Today I tested with a Clearblue +/- test which I have used before with no problems, but today things were different...

Instead of getting a negative (-) I got something inbetween!! The bottom half of the "positive" line was there but no top half???? :\? The half line was clearly blue so doubtful its an evaporation line.

I was wondering if this has happened to any of you before and it turned out to be a positive? :roll:

I know I need to retest but this won't happen until next week now as i'm out of test. :\(

Any advise would be much appreciated x


  • sorry honey didnt want to read and run but this hasnt happened to me before.

    i hope its what you want.
    lots of sticky baby dust.
  • I've never used CB so can't really help but there was a post a couple of days ago where CB test had gone funny... I shall see if I can find it for you, think it was Rucky.. Give me 5 mins :lol: x
  • http://www.babyexpert.com/chatroom/topic/151828

    It turned out great for Rucky, hope it does for you too. Good luck xx
  • YummyMummy i was going to say somebody posted the exact same thing a few days ago.

    I really hope this is a positive for you!

    Good luck and fingers crossed x
  • Hope its good for you 2 hun xxx

    BFP all the way image



    gembags xxxx
  • Yup Rucky got her bfp. Seems there must be a faulty batch of cb tests out there x
  • Hey,

    I always got told that any line was a line whether it half of one or a faint one or whatever!!! Fingers crossed it is your BFP but test again hun. I dont really trust CB, try anf get a superdrug one or something, sometimes the cheapies are the best xx
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