Symptom Spotting Thread


I thought i would start a symptom spotting thread, bit of fun to pass the 2ww etc :lol: . I'll put what symptoms I have now and update my post with any symptoms I have on each day, if any!! :roll:

3DPO - Metallic taste / heightened sense of smell / heartburn

Feel free to add yours and we can compare symptoms and hopefully get our BFP's this month image

Babydust to all xx

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  • hiya, very hungry or nauseas each morning since 3dpo, af like cramps 5dpo (hoping implantation pain) nothing today, 6dpo. on cd 24 today of 30, cant wait now, really hoping its bfp x
  • Hey 5dpo today and feel perfectly normal. Not too worried about it though to be honest - had loads of symptoms last month and no BFP so maybe no symptoms is good news?
  • Hi snugglenush, yeah alot of ladies dont get any symptoms and still get BFP's its just a matter of waiting really!!

    Siany/Dotty really hope you get your BFP's this month.

    Ive had a headache and felt nauseous but am stressed out over hubbys work so that could be why Ive had those symptoms.

    I have noticed af type mild cramps from this morning onwards and I feel like I have a bad back.

    (,)(.) feels heavy and sore at the side.

    I really hope this is our month as I POAS for England last month and I dont want to go through this every month!!

    I only have 1 tesco test in and am going to use it on 25th Jan as I will be 11dpo and that was my 35 day cycle due date for af if its BFN am going to wait until 30th.

    Good luck everyone xx
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