2 weeks Pregant how to stop myself getting 2 excited!

hi all
I have just found out I am pregnant, by my record I reckon I ovulated 2 weeks ago so im only about 2 weeks gone.

DH and I trying soo hard to not get too excited about things, we are even having a driveway done atm, to try and take our mind off the baby! along with redecorating our livingroom!

I have a drs appt tomorrow I know he will go off the last day of my period so he will say im 4-5 weeks!

But what I want to know is how did you stop yourself from getting too excited, im so nervous something could go wrong too. Im more excited though than nervous its a really mixed feeling

any suggestions and do's donts i dont want to do anything that could be bad luck etc!



  • Congratulations. You are allowed to get excited. Its very difficult not too. I had a mc at 8 weeks so I know what can go wrong BUT they're are plenty of other people are all fine. Fingers crossed for you.

    Just take each day at a time and look after yourself. XXX;\)
  • Congratulations hun!!!!!
    Wishing you a very happy and healthy 9 mos.
    Like MrsKD i too have had 2mcs, but i know once i get that BFP it will be impossible to play it down. Defo enjoy everyday as it comes...even the morning sickness and take good care of yourself!!
    (sorry dont want to put a damper on you)
    Sending you loads of sticky baby dust!! xx

  • Hi
    Can I just ask when you say you had a miscarriage at 8 weeks was that the amount of weeks the Drs reckoned you were. For example I am around 2 but I know they will say 4-5 based on last period
    Sorry to ask but I would really appreciate knowing x
  • Congratulations hun - don't stop yourself from getting excited, this is great news and what will be will be.
    Don't forget you will have a scan which will be should pinpoint how far gone you are.
    Wishing you, your fella and jelly-bean a very happy and healthy pregnancy xx
  • Congrats on BFP

    everybody on here counts from first day of last period normally, haven't heard anybody use the other one. This is also from where you count the 40weeks

    here is to a H&H 9months
  • Yeah it was 8 weeks based on the date of my last af.
  • Hey hun, congratulations! Why shouldn't you get excited? It's the most exciting thing you will ever do believe me. Try not to worry as what will be will be. x x x x
  • thanks ladies for all your comments DH and I visit the Dr tonight im excited although from what I have read they dont say much. Bit scared with every little twinge etc I feel cos you think is this normal or not! But I guess I will just have to get used to that xx
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