I got my BFP this morning and almost fainted!!!!!!!

I finally did it, after almost giving up my OH and I finally got our bfp!!!!! I have been trying since October 2009 (and haven't really been bd loads) I gave up for a while and got really depressed and fed up with seeing bfn all the time so we have only bd like every 2 weeks!! We bd on 13 feb and looks like that day was our lucky day as we have been engaged for a year on the 14th Feb so I guess it was luck and perfect timing!!! :\)

I was so shocked I almost fainted!! I had dreams last night that I was doing a pregnancy test and it came back positive 3 times.... so when I woke up this morning I thought i'd better test... I knew deep down something wasn't right as my appetite had increased LOADS the last week and I have been eating so much food. I have been getting weird af cramps for 2 weeks too, like 3 times a week I would wake up with bad af pains and thought she would arrive... Horray she didn't! I still have af type pains now.

I used a cheap tesco test too and the second line was soooo dark and clear. I bought a cb digital with conception indicator today so I will use that tomorrow. Think i might be 5 weeks pregnant as I am a week late. OMG still hasn't sunk in yet!!!! image


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