Free OPK's, 1 pregnancy test and 2x single use zesticas!

Hi ladies,

Well I had my 12 week scan last week so I feel like I'm kind of out of the danger zone now! I have a few bits and bobs to give away, I'm not after any money or anything for them.
I have,

A bag full of Amazon OPK's, not sure how many are in but I'd just bought 30 and didn't use many before my BFP!
An Amazon cheapy pregnancy test, think it's 10miu.
2 x single use sealed syringes of zestica.

Now I think the zestica is a good luck charm as I received it from a lovely lady called hales0403 who is in Due in August. She sent me 4 of them after she got her BFP and lo and behold, month 1 of using it and I only used it twice around OV and I got my BFP. It would be really great if this zestica creates another BFP as that would be 3 in total!

First come first served just email me your address and I'll pop the stuff in the post either today or tomorrow!



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