Advice on Lap and Dye please!

Hey ladies.
Im on the (10week) waiting list for a lap and dye and im really frightened. I hate hospitals anyway and im worried that they will tell me that I cant have children. I'm really hoping that i get pg in the meantime so I dont have to go. We have been TTC for 13 months since having a MMC last year and when i fell pregnant then I was on the pill so who knows whats going on. Lol. I really do want to get things sorted out but im just so scared of going.
If anyone has had a lap and dye i would appreciate some reassurance. Or just any words of advice would be great.


  • Hi Hannabelle, I haven't been down this route (yet) so don't know anything about it. 10 weeks seems a long time to have to wait, it would be nice to get a bfp in that time. But if not try and stay positive. Will oh be going with you?
    Sorry not much help but didn't want to read & run.

  • Hi Hannabelle. I had my lap and dye three weeks ago and it was completely fine. It usually takes around 15 mins (altho mine was an hour due to complications) ...
    when they woke me up afterwards I was gutted - was having such a nice dream!! hahaha!
    after about 2 hours I was dressed and on way home...I took a week off initially altho have had further complications since as got an infection and now have have been off for three weeks so far!
    honestly tho, dont worry (easy for me to say I know) it will be fine and you should be told results straight afterwards.

    Hope that helps but let me know if you have any more q's
    take care
  • Hi Hannabelle, I had mine last week but I also had a hysteroscopy at the same time and it really went fine and wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. I can completely understand how you feel and your fears and I think its natural. At least you know you are on the right track to finding out if there is a problem and if there is they should be able to fix it. I was under general anaesthetic but was in and out on the same day, procedure took about 20 mins I think and was home within 2-3 hrs after that. Just take it easy for a few days after so you recover properly. I know its easier said than done but try not to worry, if you weren't doing this you would probably still be worrying about TTC if you are anything like me and this procedure will be one worry out of the way. Try and keep your PMA up and theres nothing to say you won't fall pregnant before the procedure and I do hope that happens. Take care x
  • Hi Hannabelle

    Ive got mine tomorrow so i'l let you know how i get on. Been ttc for 17months. Was suppose to go for lap and dye 31 July but they phoned me on tuesday as they had a cancellation. Maybe given them a phone and see if if you can get a cancellation or if they do get them to phone you.

    goodluck jen xx
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