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Well im on CD34, last cycle was 24 days so I thought i would of had the AF by now, well no sign of her and no symptoms. Judging by last cycle i am now a week and a half late and had alot of pg symptoms (well seems like i have) well most of all that pointed out alot was the milky discharge from both boobs and Ive had constant creamy/wet CM for about 2 weeks, I can sometimes feel it coming out! image

I used a SD test the other day and i swear i could see a line but very faint, I took the test apart a few hours later hehe and yes i could see a line v v v v faint, i was abit 50/50, thought it might be a evap coz i didnt tear it apart till later in the day.
Did another 1 today and I think i can see something again v v v faint but might just be the line where the colour would change, seems lighter than the 1st test, I can see the line on the 1st test without squinting.

I really have to learn to throw them in the bin! :lol:
Well anyway I thought maybe they are evaps and also thought maybe my body just decided to skip a AF. So i thought id use a OPK coz if i were to have my AF on CD24 this month i would of been OVing this weekend and oh my god i have never seen it so dark in my life!!!! I was like bloody hell when it came up after a minute! Ill put a picture of it at the bottom.

I mean is it just pure luck that i managed to catch the eggy at the right time or do you think its the OPK picking up abit of HCG? My cervix feels like its firming up and it feels closed surely thats not right if im about to OV.

Any thoughts? Thanks a bunch! :\)



  • Im by no means a opk expert as its only my first month ttc! However as it is possible to use a opk as a hpt i think its very likely that your preggers.Although i remember reading to use a opk as hpt the line has to be darker or as dark as the control line which your is! What brand hpt did you use to get the faint line? I would suggest doing another hpt. Good luck really hope it gives you the result we all want A BFP! x
  • Ooh good luck hun, sorry cant offer any advice I was thinking about you before though and put a FAO up for you hun.

    Hope you get your BFP, I hope I get mine too and we can be buddies image

  • Its definitely possible to pick up a BFP on an ovulation test, it happened to someone when I was here ttc last time!

    Is there any chance you might actually be ovulating though? Have you already had a positive ovulation test earlier in your cycle?

    The only way to know for sure is to get another HPT.

    Fingers crossed for you x
  • Hiya holly, i used SD both times, Ive had evaps from them before so i really dont know why i stuck with them, most likely the value for money.
    I got those free ones in the post today (the link that you gave us from duofertility :\) ) So ill use them tomorrow.

    Me too SD, we can be bump buddies! We always seem to be getting these strange faint lines!

    Im wondering if im just late ovulating too goonie. I didnt use any OV sticks early in the cycle coz me and hubby ideally didnt want to have a baby due in late december time, so we just left it. Cant remember what my CM was like before the continous creamy/watery CM. Only thing i noticed few days ago, i think it was on sunday, i was at work and i had this really sharp stitch pain in my left ovary, i was in agony and i felt worse when i sat down. It weared off after a while so i dont know what that was. Scared me abit but as i was at work i tried to shrug it off.


  • Well i tested this morning with the free pg tests from duofertility and it was BFN, but not sure what the mlu is for these.
    Anyone know?

  • oh im sorry they gave you a bfn if helps the gave me a bfn too. Sorry i dont know what mlu they are xx
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