ov sticks

just bought myselfsome ebay cheapie ov sticks, and read online its best not to test for ov with fmu, but then looked on another site and it says test for ov first thing, so im confused? when is best to test? fmu, eveing? or midday ish? thanks in advance image


  • Mrs me... I could have written this myself!! I read the same things yesterday when I should have been working lol!

    I am going ov stick shopping on Saturday, hope I can figure it all out by then!

  • me too! hahaha. i got 60 off ebay for 10.50 or something like that! bargain! x
  • Proper bargain! I'm surfing there too as we speak lol!

    Good luck to us this month Hun xx
  • The LH surge is usually in the afternoon or early evening, so definitely don't test with FMU - I tend to test around 3pm.

    Hannah xx
  • and you image ok thanks stsarina your a star image xxxxxx
  • Great! Thank you! Xxx
  • No problem, hope it helps you both get your BFP!

    Hannah xx
  • Exactly what stsarina said, I tested around 4pm each day or as close to as i can as i do shift work.

  • Thanks guys, I think that's what lead to my ov confusion last month, I was using fmu

    fingers crossed for this month!

  • Apparently if you use fmu you can actually miss OV as the surge can be fairly short in some ladies and therefore be low again come the morning!

    So yes defo afternoon/evening ladies!

    Good luck!
  • Mine say to use FMU and I see faint lines for a day or two and then a strong positive for a day and then faint lines again. I always test around 6am before work.
  • Would agree with MrsEH, it depends what tests you are using. With the more expensive ones FMU seems to be ok and the instructions lean towards this but with the cheapies mine say between 10am and 8pm. In the past I've used CBD and always got my smiley face with FMU! Good luck x
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