Mirena coil

Hi girls I had my mirena out mid June, had withdrawl bleeding for 10 days, a gap of about 3 days then what I thought was my AF on 2 July. I always had my periods whilst using the coil and the bleed on the 2nd was well timed and therefore what I thought was AF.
I decided to wait acycle to let my body get back to normal and had hoped to have AF in the last couple of days but so far no luck. I never used to count the days between periods before and just knew it was due first or last wk of month or whatever. But now I am desperate to get this AF out the way so I can ttc I can't stop thinking about it!
I just wondered if anyone else had a coil removed and had a delayed AF as a result? X


  • I had mirena coil removed and had af 2 weeks after then 4 weeks after that and now we're on our first month of ttc and my last af was 3 weeks ago so mine pretty much gone back straight away.Im not much help as ive never had a coil fitted before but im hoping its regulated my periods better as before they ranged from 5 to 7 weeks inbetween
  • Hi Magenta thanks for replying. I am pleased to hear that your cycle is regulated and I wish you all the best for the BFP.
    Lots of people where surprised that my periods continued whilst using the coil and I wish now I had paid more attention to when my cycle was. Fingers crossed I will have AF any day now i guess I am a little worried I won't ever have another but that's just me bein paronoid lol Take care x
  • I had my Mirena taken out in March. didn't bleed and got AF when she was due, just went back to normal. Although has been very light bleed every month but that could be my thyroid!
    Hope AF arrives soon or a BFP! Bany dust to you x
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