Im driving myself mad googling 2ww symptoms!!!!!

Well the title says it all really!!
Im 8dpo and did a cheapy HPT this morning and got a huge BFN :cry: So to try and cheer myself up and also to try and convince myself that its not all over ive been googling symptoms like implantation bleed, white cm anything really that would give me a ray of hope!! :roll: I really need to get of the laptop and get a grip!! Does anyone else do this or am i the only nutter on here??? lol xxx


  • Sit on your hands, sit on your hands!!!! x
  • im doing it! getting my hopes up way too much with seeing that some of the things im feeling could be it x
  • hehe, i think you know very well that your not :lol:

    i could convince myself i have every symptom going!

  • I am exactly the same. I swear! I am sleepy today and was sure that was a symptom (even though I only got 4 hours sleep). I had a shooting pain in my toes last night as well and googled that. It is soooooo frustrating! I have resisted so far taking a test but keep thinking "oh but my symptoms feel so strong that if I am I will clearly be defying the laws of biology and will surely have a positive result" (even though AM not due until Friday). I also just hate the wait!xxx
  • I was the same last month ladies....writing every symptom down in my diary and going onto google for every little niggle that I was getting....drove me mental in the end lol....relax approach for this month me thinks lol xxxx
  • I google everything lol, and worse my iPhone holds the history, i get some very odd looks from OH when he uses my phone!
    Lol to Laura about the toe pain google!

  • He, he @ laura googling toe pain, that has made my day!! lol. So im happy to announce that im certainly not the only 2ww nutter!!! lol xxx
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