A year after stopping pill...still not back to normal

Hi All

Well, I stopped taking Yasmin about a year ago and if I had known what sort of effect it would have on my cycles I would never have taken it in the first place. It was over 120 days until I got my first period and now they are about every six weeks, although I am still waiting for one right now (and I'm not pregnant), so still quite irregular.

I used to be totally regular like clockwork! I am quite annoyed - nobody ever tells you about this sort of thing - and I am 34 in March so worried that I am running out of time.

Anyway, I went out and bought some agnus castus today. I thought I would give it a go but I am not sure when to start taking it. Am I supposed to wait for my next period or just start now?

I'm aware you aren't supposed to take it if you could be pregnant and to stop taking it after ovulation. But if you have no idea when you've ovulated (honestly. needle and haystack spring to mind with me at the moment), how are you supposed to know when to stop?

I do intend to get a CBFM as well, but I understand they're best if your cycles are between a certain range of lengths and currently mine are too long so I am hoping that the agnus castus will shorten them.

Would love to hear some advice / opinions!

Thanks ladies x


  • Hi
    I feel your pain, I came off the pill in march and am waiting for my 3rd period since then! Don't really know anything about agnus castus apart from I bought some this month and have just started them (regardless where i am in cycle as I haven't got a clue!)

    Hope you get somewhere soon x
  • Same here - it's horrible not having a regular cycle. Came off pill last August and got first AF today!!! My cycle was 150 days exactly. Ra!! Hope the next one is shorter for all of us! xx
  • Hi Girls

    I also feel your pain! Came off pill in May 09, and currently waiting for cycle 4 to end. I'm tracking BBT which helps see when I ovulate, and this cycle I've started cheapie ov sticks, but have just been getting faint 2nd lines for the last 3 weeks!!

    Re the agnus castus, I would imagine you're better off waiting for a new cycle to start, just in case!

    This sounds really bad, but does anyone get to the 'can't be arsed keeping up all this BD' stage?! I find it hard as I had a very low libido before starting to TTC, but then I have guilt pangs as you never know when it might be the right time to get going!!!

  • Hi I am 55 days since stopping the pill and and waiting for my first AF!!!! I have bought come Angus Castus today too. Hopefully this will get things moving. I am sure I have read somewhere that you can still get prog. even if you have no period as you can still ovulate without a period. IS this right?

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  • Mrs Robson I'm glad you finally got AF! (You know what I mean lol). I still haven't had mine, gave up counting days as my ferility friend membership came to an end before AF arrived! But it must be 130-140 days. Irregular cycles are horrid x
  • kittenmittens - you know that it will still count days etc on basic membership? It still does loads of stuff on that level, which is free.

  • Thanks for the replies ladies. It is good to know we are all in the same boat. I think if I had known, I might not have taken the pill at all!

    I have decided to try to cut down on tea as I was previously drinking up to 6 cups a day. I wonder if two is okay. Fingers crossed the AC will work for us...

  • Yeah softie, there's a few of us in similar boat!!!!! I feel the same as u as in i would never a went on it if i'd a known how crap it was now ttc after pill.

    Flip, mayb i should cut down on the tea too, that'l be hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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